The Cluny Lace Company Limited is a long established, independent, Leavers Lace manufacturer. Their purposely designed factory, built around the turn of the century to hold the specialised lace machines, is situated on the border of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire in the heart of the United Kingdom.

Owned and managed by the eighth and ninth generations of the Mason family in textiles, the firm prides itself on the quality of their beautiful traditional Leavers lace

Jaquard cards
Jaquard cards Jacquard card storage Jacquard card lacing machines Jacquard cards in motion View from the jaquard towards the main frame Dave Galloway Snr beaming in the Middle Shop Kevin beaming in the New Shop Beam racks Dave Galloway tying in a beam Cotton yarn from the beams going into the well of the machine Changing pattern. FC206 to FC216 Mary and Margaret threading Threading Ian shining the carriages Julie winding bobbins Rebecca winding Filling the bobbins with nylon Bobbin presses waiting distribution Sue mending A277 repair Frank warping Lewis puttin up an end on 8 machine John Newton catching a slub on 3 machine The face of work of A277 on 2 machine The Top shop Greige webs in storage in the attic Margaret Newton in the New shop on 19 machine Margaret changing a bobbin and carriage 262 Pete checking the weight on 31 machine Mark on 25 machine Dave Mackay on 20 machine Dave checking the warp Janice trimming an allover Janice carding 01 Insertion black Cards of Lace Anne in the Cluny stock room Valencienne stock room
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Belper Street Works, Belper Street, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, United Kingdom